Robin Z Becker


June 2012

Read Robin's creative nonfiction piece The Philosophy of We're All Gonna Die in New Delta Review

Feb 2012

Read Robin's story The Ultimate in Necessary Fiction

June 2010

Robin gets mention in her hometown newspaper from Maywood, NJ. Read the article!


In all of zombie literature, there is one person whose needs, wants and desires are woefully underarticulated — yea, hardly a shuffling moan is heard in his or her defense. Who is that silent person? Author Robin Becker knows, and in Brains: A Zombie Memoir, she finally gives that person a voice. Go check out Robin's guest blog post on Whatever

Brains: A Zombie Memoir. Take a big juicy bite out of the new trailer!

Reading with Tequila recently asked Robin how to spot a smart zombie

Read Robin's review of A Place in the Sun over on The Brooklyn Rail.

In October, Robin received an Arkansas Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship in short fiction for 2010. To receive the award, she went to a fabulous luncheon in Hot Springs. Coincidentally her mentor and professor, Andrei Codrescu, gave the keynote address. She was very happy to receive the honor as well as the cash.

An excerpt from Robin's novel Brains: A Zombie Memoir was anthologized in The &Now Awards: The Best Innovative Writing. The book came out in September and features some super authors.

Robin also has a new band of girl rockers called The Conway Twitties. Their first show was October 31. Let your face be rocked off!

Undead videos

See Robin read from Brains

Watch Robin's project The Spread Eagles perform their Krampus Karol

Robin in "On the Same Page"

Brains teaser trailer.

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